Spring Fling: A Pastel Party

As we know, with every new season comes new fashion trends and color palettes. As winter ends, and spring begins we pack up our olives and burgundys, and replace them with mint greens, petal pinks, and other pastel hues. Each year around this time I start to notice a plethora of pastel clothing options making their way into stores. Some color palettes are popular one year, and out of style the next, but pastel colors seem to be a constant for spring fashion. As much I love my bold prints and neon colors, sometimes the soft, subtle look of pastels is refreshing and necessary. Although the colors are seen as muted and subdued, they can still give off a bold look that will steal the show! I have collaborated with a few of my Blogger Boos to show you how myself,as well as other plus size beauties, are incorporating Spring’s famous color palette into our wardrobe.


When we decided to try our hand at pastel colors I had so many thoughts running through my mind. Along with a million other things, we as plus sized women have been told to steer clear of pastels. We are told that darker colors will make us appear smaller and we should blah,blah, blah. If you are like me you are over all the rules placed on us by society. Just think about it, if we were to listen to them we couldn’t wear stripes, bold prints, crop tops, and the list would go on. It’s truly annoying! There are tons of ways to sport the trend and you just have to find the one that works best for your body. I was racking my brain trying to figure out which way I wanted to rock it.  Did I want to wear a monochromatic outfit and stick to one pastel color throughout? Did I want to wear a neutral colored dress and add pastel shoes and accessories? I originally purchased a baby blue top to pair with my white jeans for this post, but while out running errands I stopped in a local thrift store and my eyes were drawn to this baby. Some call it luck, but I would call it fate! What more perfect time than then to find a pastel, drop waist dress! I paired it with gold accessories and comfy block heel sandals. I am in love with the way this look turned out! 

 As you can see I threw caution into the wind and I didn’t let society stop me from sporting the trend and guess what? The world didn’t stop! In fact all the beauties below did the same and the world is still spinning! Be sure to click their links and follow our hashtags on social media, #PlusInPastel and #PSBloggerShare, to see our different takes on pastel.


| Thefatgirloffashion | Christenamelea | Eclectickurves |

Mysimplecurvylife | Sweatinmascara | curvy intuition | Joyofcurves |



8 Comments Add yours

  1. Loved how you rocked this pastel look!


  2. Joy says:

    I love the colors in your dress!! Great looks!!


  3. Love this dress. The colors are perfect for Spring. So pretty and feminine.


  4. I love this look! So excited to have such fashionable pastel wearing friends!


  5. Ashley says:

    Give me all the Easter vibes!!!


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