Weekend Wear:Boho Flow

Today I’m sharing a dress from Rue21 plus. Much like Forever21 and Charlotte Russe, Rue21 has joined the plus size party offering curvy girls a place to find affordable, trendy clothing.

The All Inclusive Option

Seriously, who doesn’t love a good jumpsuit? How many times have you had an event coming up, but can’t find the right blouse to wear with your new skirt. Whether it’s because of the color or the fit, it is not always easy to put together an outfit.

Of the Peplum Persuasion

To know me is to know I absolutely adore peplums! Peplum tops, dresses, skirts, even swimsuits! I love them all! They are the perfect mix of sophistication and femininity.

Stepford Style

In 2004 when the adaptation of the 1972 film The Stepford Wives came out I wasn’t as interested in the plot, as I was the wives wardrobe.

Red, White, and Blue

Hey Beauties! I’m here today with a little 4th of July inspiration.I’m a southern girl so my holiday is usually spent outside around the barbeque grill eating, laughing and swatting mosquitoes.