More Poncho Please! 

Can I just say I love a good poncho! I’m becoming more and more obsessed with the trend as the days go by. On days where the seasons seem to be all mixed up, these babies are the way to go! I’m pretty much sold on anything I can add to basic pieces and instantly look like I stepped out of a fashion magazine! Ponchos are ideal for layering. They can be worn over anything from dresses to a basic tee and jeans like I did for today’s look.

I’m slowly trying to get to a point where I only buy things I feel like I can’t live without, and this poncho definitely fits that criteria! I’m basically a sucker for anything with color, and this bright orange and navy blue combo is a match made in heaven. I know some of my plus size ladies are cautious when wearing such loose, flowy pieces because of the the misconception that it could make you look bigger or wider. However, you can combat that effect by wearing tight, form-fitting pieces underneath. I paired mine with a v-neck tee and my favorite skinny jeans. I got these jeans from Charlotte Russe and I wear them religiously. They have good stretch and are super comfortable. This warmer than normal weather has made these peep toe booties a closet staple. Feel free to dress up your poncho style with extra accessories,like belts or pins. That’s the most enjoyable part of fashion…having the freedom to make it your own! There are tons of different poncho styles to choose from so be sure to get yours!

Outfit Details: Poncho-Its Fashion Metro (similar here) Shirt- Its Fashion Metro Jeans-Charlotte Russe (found here)Shoes-Cato Fashions (sold out)

5 Ways to Celebrate your Valentine on a Weekday!

Happy Valentine’s Day Babes! I know we all jump for joy when holidays fall on weekends, but realistically we know more times than not they fall on weekdays. Since Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday I decided to come up with a casual look for you lovelies. Can you ever go wrong with a white top and jeans? Absolutely not! This top is perfect for a date on Lover’s Day. The sleeves give it just the right amount of drama to make it date night approved! I paired it with some comfy, distressed jeans from Forever21 Plus. As cliché as it is, I had to add some red to this look. These red bow heels are my favorite right now, even though I can’t walk in them, but beauty is pain, right? Since Valentine’s Day has fallen on a weekday, I’ve been trying to think of ways to celebrate after pulling an 8 hour day at work. Check out a few of my ideas below!

1. Send flowers

This one never gets old! Flowers are a sure fire way to put a smile on someone’s face. Every woman loves to look up from their desk, and see the florist’s delivery guy coming their way with a beautiful array of flowers. Whether its roses or tulips, flowers always makes you feel loved and appreciated.


2. Cook His/Her favorite meal or Order takeout.

After being at work all day the last thing I want to do is fight the crowds at restaurants. Instead of going through the hustle and bustle, hit the grocery store and prepare your Beau’s favorite meal, or order takeout and pick it up on the way home. Feel free to go all out by setting the table, lighting a candle, and popping open a bottle of wine!

3. Tune out all distractions.

No need to explain this one. Most of us spend so much time on our phones and tablets we don’t pay enough attention to what really matters. Lets switch it up tonight and block out the world. Give your Love your undivided attention for the evening. No phone calls, no Instagram, no tweeting, just you two enjoying each other’s company!


 4. At Home Spa/ Pamper

After pulling a grueling 8 hour work day what would be better than a spa night at home? On your lunch break run to the store and pick up some bubble bath, massage oils, and aromatherapy candles. After dinner surprise your Boo with a hot bubble bath with his/her favorite slow jams playing in the background. End the evening with a massage and I’m sure you’ll wake up the next day de-stressed and relaxed!


 5. Express your love through art and crafts, a video, or handwritten card.

Valentine’s Day is about showing appreciation for those you love and what better way to do that, than to make something from your heart! The first year my boyfriend and I were together I wrote him a letter on a poster board and replaced some of the words with real candy bars like, You are my “Almond Joy” and Being with you is better than a “Pay Day”. 3 years later and he still has it. This year I made a video telling him all the things I love about him. Personalized gifts go a long way.


Here’s the deal about Valentine’s Day: Valentine’s Day is a day to show love to whoever you love! Whether it’s the person you’re in relationship with, your best friends, or even your parents! Whoever it is celebrate them, and show them how much you love them! I hope you babes have a great day!

Outfit Details: Top- GSLovesme (found here) Jeans-Forever21 Plus (similar found here) Heels-Just Fab

Valentine’s Day Lookbook: All Dressed Up in Love


This blush pink, cold shoulder dress is definitely something to swoon over! Yes, I said dress. I ordered this dress from Boohoo, and although I bought it in the same size I buy everything else in (insert eye roll here), it was too small. I was drawn to the cold shoulder/ruffle combo and I wasn’t letting go of my hopes of wearing it. As a plus sized woman, I have to improvise sometimes, and that’s just what I did. In a last minute effort to salvage my dream, I decided to wear a skater skirt over the dress and boom! Problem solved! This “sweet” look is perfect for brunch, or a date night with your Love.

Outfit Details: Top-Boohoo (found here) Skirt-Target (sold out) Purse-Local Boutique

All My Single Ladies

This look is dedicated to all my single ladies that don’t let their relationship status stop them from getting out and celebrating the day of love! This bomber jacket is one of those things you see online and immediately hit “add to cart”. I knew this baby would sell out quickly, and I was right. The colors are gorgeous and makes this perfect for girl’s night. If your squad is anything like mine when you guys link up the night is always full of giggles and fun, hence the reason I added these super adorable ruffle socks. They are so girly and fun I couldn’t pass them up. I knew all eyes would be on my iridescent mermaid jacket, so I wore my all-purpose black midi underneath, did a high pony and added some pink lipsticks to hit the town with my girl gang! Being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t the worst thing in the world, especially when you have great girlfriends to spend the day with!

Outfit Details: Sequin Bomber-Charlotte Russe (sold out) Bodycon Dress-GSLOVESME (found here) Ruffle Socks-Forever 21 (found here)

Wrapped Up in Love

I’ve been looking for an excuse to buy this floral off the shoulder dress before it sold out…thank the heavens for Valentine’s Day! This asymmetrical wrap dress is all things Valentine perfection! It has a beautiful floral print, and shows just enough skin to make your man fall in love all over again. For the past two years my boo and I have tried to do something special for the holiday, which is usually a quick trip to get away and  enjoy each other’s company. This dress will definitely be in my luggage this year. I love that its sexy, without being too revealing. On an average day I’m a causal dresser so every once in a while I like to crank up the sexy, and show my boyfriend I still got it!

Outfit Details: Dress-Boohoo (sold out) Shoes-Amazon (sold out)

Everyday Style: The Shirt Dress

We all need that everyday dress we can just throw on and still look amazing. Well this shirt dress does the job for me! Shirt dresses are an old trend that is still very popular today. This highly versatile item is one of those pieces that just looks great on all body types, and can be worn a plethora of different ways! It is somewhat of a basic style, so it leaves room to add your personal style and some creativity. Shirt dresses can be worn with heels,flats, or even boots. I’ve seen them styled with belts, chunky necklaces, and a wide array of different accessories. There is really no wrong way to wear a shirt dress!

This is the casual, effortless style I live for on weekends! This shirt dress was easy to style and didn’t require much effort on my part. It’s kind of on the short side for me so I paired it with tights to keep from showing too much skin on this cold January days. I also decided to wear my thigh high boots to help me keep warm, since I hate wearing a heavy coat. These boots are EVERYTHING to me! They are a simple pair of suede thigh high boots, but the gold heels give them an extra boost of glam. I added some gold accessories, along with a black hat and I was done. This dress is lightweight and will be a perfect transition piece when it starts to warm up. That means I’ll be able to take it into Spring with me, and I just love when that happens! Not everyone is able or even wants to buy an abundance of clothes so if you purchase versatile pieces you can maximize your wardrobe and get tons of wear out of items you already have in your closet!

Outfit Details: Shirt Dress-Boohoo (only a few left here , similar here ) Boots- Just Fab (sold out, similar here)

Flower Bomb

Bomber jackets have pretty much become a closet must-have. I have loved this trend since it popped up on the scene, and my infatuation has continued to grow. It has grown so much so that my friends and family have banned me from purchasing them for a while. They have become a staple in my closet due to this indecisive Arkansas weather. I’ve been able to layer with lightweight bombers on cool days, and wear heavier, lined ones on cold nights.  I’ve bought solid, floral, satin, quilted, embroidered even a sequins one.  I love them mostly because of their versatility. They can be worn with jeans, dresses, heels, or flats. The choices are endless because they come in so many different styles, colors and price points.

Today’s outfit is what I would normally wear on a weekend lunch date with my girls. I love to incorporate trendy pieces into my weekend wardrobe. This bomber jacket is one of my favorites. When this trend  started most of the plus size bombers were solid colors. However, since the trend has progressed, so has the options.This is the first printed bomber I purchased. Bomber jackets can sometimes come off masculine, so I added a little sex appeal by adding a black caged bodysuit. To pull out the green hues in the jacket I paired it with olive skinnies, which are super stretchy and comfortable. Have you caught on to the bomber jacket trend yet? If so, which style is your favorite?

Outfit Details: Floral Bomber jacket-Burlington Coat Factory (similar herehere, and here) Caged Bodysuit-Target (similar here and here) Olive Jeans- Rainbow (sold here)

New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year Babes! We made it to 2017 so let’s make it a good, no scratch that, a GREAT one! I know it doesn’t take a new year to start working on achieving your goals, but it’s something about it that just gives me that extra boost to do and be better. On Sunday my pastor’s sermon was titled “Ain’t Nobody got Time for That”, and it really Continue reading “New Year, New Goals”