Sunday’s Best: Roses are Red

Anyone who knows me knows I buy an Easter dress every year. It has become a joke among my friends and a tradition in my family. Most people jokingly call Easter the church’s annual fashion show. People you haven’t seen at church in a while not only show up, but they show up in some of the most extravagant outfits. From big hats to colorful suits, everyone pulls out their best. As a little girl my mother was obsessed with putting me in big, poufy dresses. Her love for dressing me up was so real that for the first few years of my life I never wore the same outfit to church twice (extreme I know). She loved the ruffle socks, and big hair bows and now I can’t help but to keep the tradition alive and make sure I always wear my Sunday’s best to church…especially on Easter!

When I saw this dress I feel in love! It’s from a boutique based in my neighboring state of Tennessee, Gabby Grace Boutique. Now I will admit the print is busy and I was nervous I would look like a couch, but fashion is about taking risk and having fun, right? There is so much I love about this dress. My favorite thing about it is the balloon sleeves and the pockets. The fit and color are perfect also. I decided to go with simple pearl jewelry, and a nude clutch and heels. As much as I love this dress I will not be wearing it for Easter because I recently wore it to a church program. So for all the babes who are like me, and still don’t have an Easter dress I have put together my top 5 plus size picks for cute church dresses!

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. I love this look! It’s grown up and perfect for church, but it’s also fun and vibrant for spring!!!


  2. Ashley says:

    Easter is definitely the church’s biggest fashion show. And I LOVE IT!!!


  3. Love this post! I’m truly in love with your choices.


  4. Joy says:

    Beautiful dresses for the spring!!


  5. I agree! I definitely here for the Easter shenanigans. You look great!


  6. Love this dress. Super cute


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