Everyday Style: The Shirt Dress

We all need that everyday dress we can just throw on and still look amazing. Well this shirt dress does the job for me! Shirt dresses are an old trend that is still very popular today.

Flower Bomb

Bomber jackets have pretty much become a closet must-have. I have loved this trend since it popped up on the scene, and my infatuation has continued to grow. It has grown so much so that my friends and family have banned me from purchasing them for a while.

A Casual Winter Weekend

You ever wake up Saturday morning with a long list of things to do? This week’s outfit is perfect for those casual winter weekends.

New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year Babes! We made it to 2017 so let’s make it a good, no scratch that, a GREAT one! I know it doesn’t take a new year to start working on achieving your goals, but it’s something about it that just gives me that extra boost to do and be better. On Sunday…