Sparkle and Shine in the Daytime

Hey Boo Hey! Summer is all about fun and what could be more fun than today’s sequin dress! Most people think you can only wear sequin during the holidays or to formal events, but that’s totally not true! When you hear the word sequins, your mind probably jumps straight to New Year’s Eve, parties, celebration and nightlife. I’ll admit, sequins on New Year’s or as party wear makes a ton of sense, but what are you supposed to do with the all-sequined outfit you got for New Year’s once the night is over? Well, it might come as a surprise to many that sequins don’t only make sense on New Year’s or at a party. You can wear sequins whenever you want! This material might scream party to you, but what’s wrong with adding a little fun and festivity into your everyday life?

img_5986img_6164img_6159img_5445img_5990I must admit I was a little skeptical when it came to wearing this dress. For one, this isn’t your everyday sequin dress! For starters its striped, and all of my other sequin pieces are solid colored. This dress definitely took me outside my normal realm of flashiness! As a plus size woman I am always told to stay away from stripes, but vertical stripes work for me. They make your body look longer, which I don’t mind at all. After getting over my apprehension about the stripes, I started swooning over the colors in this dress. When I first opened the package I was in awe at how vibrant and beautiful the colors were. They definitely command attention. I finished the look by adding my white 2 strap sandals and some hot pink fringe earrings. What are your thoughts on sequin outside of party time? Comment below and let me know!

img_6162Outfit Details: Dress- FashionNova (sold here) Shoes- Poshmark Earrings- Rue 21

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