Finding the Perfect Fit with Shoes of Prey


Hey Boo Hey! Today I get to bring y’all something new from one of my favorite shoe brands, Shoes of Prey! I recently did a post about a pair of shoes I got to design and personalize on their site, and now they are taking your personalized shoe shopping experience a step farther with their new fit quiz! As if them offering extended shoe sizes up to US 15 wasn’t enough, today they are launching their fit quiz test which will identify your correct size and width for the perfect fit! Y’all know I’m a stickler for comfort so keep reading to learn more about the quiz and the shoes I designed!

facetune_25-06-2018-21-43-53dsc_0037dsc_0054Before I started designing my shoe I sat down and took the new fit quiz test. The quiz was very easy to navigate through and didn’t take much time at all. In recent years I’d given up on wearing heels for long periods of time because I couldn’t find a pair that didn’t make my feet hurt. While taking the quiz I was informed that this is the case for a lot of women because they aren’t buying the correct size or width. The quiz asks questions about everything from your arch in your foot to your foot shape. There is even a question asking you to pinpoint which areas of your foot experience the most pain when wearing heels. They really try to gather as much information as possible to ensure the perfect fit!

img_5854img_5856img_5853img_5851After the quiz I started the design process which still blows me away! Last time I made a colorblock sandal with a snakeskin strap and a hot pink heel. This time I went with something more simple, and made a classic, black block heel sandal. I didn’t want the shoe to be boring so I added black silk straps and a stamped black patent leather heel. As I get older I have learned that simplicity is sometimes best which is why I went with this design. I paired the shoe with a simple black and white outfit and it fits perfectly! Are you ready to try out the new fit quiz test? If so head over to Shoes of Prey and give it a go! Click here for the quiz! Be sure to use my code FAITHFULLYYOURS for a free custom inscription!

Outfit Details: Gingham Peplum Top-Walmart(sold out online, check your local store)| White Jeans- Rainbowshops (sold here) | Heels- Shoes of Prey |

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