Tanger Outlet Southaven VIP Blogger Event


Hey Boo Hey! One of the best things that has come out of me starting this blog is the connections and friendships I have made. I have met some really amazing people, and lucky for me a lot of them aren’t far away in Memphis, Tennessee. Last Thursday I had the pleasure of shopping at one of my favorite outlets, Tanger Outlet Southaven, with some of my favorite people. If you recall I wrote about my first Tanger experience here last year, and it was so nice that there was no way I would turn down a second invitation! When I received an email from Tanger Outlet Southaven’s team, I immediately started making plans to attend!

Just like last year, they pulled out all the stops and gave all the bloggers in attendance a grade A experience! We were treated to a night of shopping, champagne, and fun that I truly enjoyed. The atmosphere was set with cute rose gold and pink décor that I wanted to take home with me, lol. As the bloggers started to arrive we mixed and mingled while being served finger sandwiches, fruit and cheese trays, chilled wine, and cupcakes. I know this is off subject, but I had the best red velvet cupcake I have ever eaten in my life!

After a while we sat down for a brief conversation and overview of the night. Each blogger was gifted a $150 Tanger gift card to shop until they dropped. We were also told about the cutest look contest and that the winner would receive another $250 gift card, so we all hit the ground running! The best thing about Tanger is that they have a store for everyone! You can get everything from skateboards to designer bags. I found some really great items. One of the items I bought is so BOMB that I have literally tried it on everyday since I bought it, LOL! It will be featured here on the blog soon!

After doing all of our shopping we returned back to the main event space to show off our looks and to do some raffles. The winner of the best look contest was Denzel, the only man in attendance! All the items you see on this rack were purchased at Tanger! See, I told you they had something for everyone! The event was so super fun, and  I cant wait for Spring to officially arrive so I can wear my new items! If you are every in the Memphis/Southaven area be sure to stop by Tanger for all your shopping needs!


Thank you so much Tanger Outlet Southaven for another stellar event!


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