Before I Turn 30: A Letter To My Younger Self

Hey Boo Hey! Next week I will be turning 30 and I’ve been trying to find some sort of way to commemorate the big occasion. After a lot of thinking I have decided to do a Before I Turn 30 series. This series will consist of 3 letters I am going to write to my past, present, and future self. I have survived so many up and downs in the years I’ve been here on this earth, and I think its time to reflect on the good, the bad, and the ugly. Of course I have to throw in a little fashion so each look will coincide with the time of my life I am referencing. Today’s letter is to my younger self, so I’m giving you school girl vibes and wearing something I know my mother would have picked out for young Faith Lasha to wear, lol.

Dear Teenage Faith,

I know you think your teenage self has life all figured out, but you don’t. How do I know? Because at 29 I still don’t have it all figured out. You will make a ton of mistakes. You will love and you will lose, but it will all work out in your favor. Life will knock you down to your knees, but remember that is the perfect position to pray. Be kind to others. Smile at strangers. Never get too old to say please and thank you. You will learn the importance of compassion and empathy as you get older. Never lose your smile, it is by far your best asset, along with your big heart. I know it will be hard, but don’t sweat your high school relationships. As you get older you will look back and not believe the stuff you used to stress about. I can’t wait for you to see who you end up dating and falling in love with. I would tell you now, but girl you wouldn’t even believe me.

As I sit here writing I have started to cry because there is no way to prepare you for what is ahead. Don’t be afraid, be strong. At 22 you will lose both of your parents. You will completely fall apart. You will cry uncontrollably and think you are dying, but you will survive.  You are a survivor. Life will happen, but trust me you have no idea how strong you are.  Somehow what will be known as the worst experience of your life, will change you for the better. You will start to love harder, live life to the fullest, and cherish your family and loved ones more. You will learn just how important family is. I know you think your friends are super cool and want to hang out with them all the time, but be sure to never skip out on family events. You will need those memories to get through some days.

Most importantly Faith, learn to love yourself unconditionally. I can be very hard on you and for that I apologize. Believe it or not, as time goes on you will learn to love every part of yourself. Yes, every part, even your tummy, your dark skin and your super kinky hair. You are beautiful and I am so sorry for not telling you that more often. Never lose your faith or your Faith. Know who you are and whose you are. When life knocks you down pick yourself up gracefully, reposition your crown, and continue to be the queen you are becoming. God will see you through.

Stay Strong Faith and put on your big girl panties because we have a long road ahead.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Proud Ayla says:

    Tears are literally rolling down my face! Fashion, lifestyle, inspiration and transparency. Whew. You are going into your thirties more than a triple threat, celebrity friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. faithlasha says:

      Awww thank you Babygirl!


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