UncommonGoods Holiday Gift Guide

Hey Boo Hey! It seems like I hadn’t even finished off my Halloween candy before everyone started talking about Christmas. Now dont get me wrong I, just like everyone else, am excited for Christmas. I mean it is the most wonderful time of the year, but with Christmas comes over crowded malls, going up and down lanes looking for parking spots, and picked over items. So this year I am taking a different approach…online shopping! So if you’re like me and not in the mood to fight the crowds, keep reading because I have you covered with some amazing Christmas gift ideas!


When I was contacted by UncommonGoods, I was super excited because this is the perfect time of year to introduce my readers to a store that offers tons of unique gift ideas . UncommonGoods is committed to offering creative and exciting merchandise while being environmentally friendly and socially responsible. We’ve all heard the saying that it is better to give than to receive and UncommonGoods lives up to that whole-heartedly with their Better to Give Program. The program allows you to select a non-profit organization to receive a $1 donation from them at checkout, and since they created the program in 2001 they have donated over $1,000,000! So whether you are looking for the perfect gifts for friends or stocking stuffer ideas , UncommonGoods has you covered!

Now lets get to the good stuff and dive into my top 5 unique gifts from UncommonGoods for under $50!

You and Me Photo Frame Wine Topper

How cute is this? Your bestie just broke up with her boyfriend or maybe she just got word that she got that promotion she’s been working so hard for and you two decide to pop open a bottle of wine. Slide your favorite 4 x 6 photo of you and a friend into this decorative wine topper and give the gift that says, “I like wine, but I love you more.” Priced at $14!

Bedside Smartphone Vase

Part smartphone stand, part vase. Your niece is constantly spilling juice and water near her phone so what better gift than this smartphone stand! Brighten up her bedside table with this stand that holds a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers while keeping her phone nestled into the groove on the bottom of the stand so she can charge her device while it sits pretty among the flowers. You’ll definitely be deemed her favorite aunt after this. Priced at $32!

2 in 1 Body Lotion Candleimg_2748-e1510590159784.jpg

We all have that sister that is addicted to candles, and I have the perfect gift for her! This scented candle creates a soothing ambiance when lit, and an even more soothing benefit as it burns. As the soy candle heats up, the wax becomes a warm body lotion packed with coconut oil, botanical oils, and Vitamins A, K, and E. A luxurious addition to her bathroom or vanity, brings the calming sensation of a scented candle into her beauty routine. Priced at $24!

What I Love About You by Me Bookimg_2749.jpg

I am a fan of stocking stuffers and this is the cutest one I’ve seen yet. My boyfriend’s mom still has his stocking from childhood and I can’t wait to drop this inside of it this year! Sweet and personal, this small hardcover book spells out exactly what you love about a special someone. Complete each page’s fill-in-the-blank responses and simple prompts with racy disclosures or heartfelt sentiments, and you have the perfect personalized keepsake. Priced at $10!

Glass Teapot and Warmer


What do you get your newly retired aunt who has everything? A glass teapot of course! Now that she has more time on her hands she plans to enjoy the little things, and what’s more enjoyable than sitting on the patio watching fragrant, colorful petals of tea permeate into warm water? Most teapots are opaque, but this stunning translucent pot allows her to keep an eye on her favorite drink as it steeps. The matching glass chamber holds a twinkling tea light to keep the brew warm while she sip and enjoy the afternoon. Priced at $36!

What do you Babes think of my first Holiday Gift Guide? Which gift was your favorite? Chime in below in the comment section! Also be sure to check out UncommonGoods for all your Holiday gift giving needs!


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