Halloween With Friends!

Hey Boo Hey! Last weekend I headed to Dallas to celebrate the birthdays of two of my closest friends, Amery and Gerrica. We have been close friends since our freshman year of college, and there was no way I was going to miss this milestone birthday. Being that they are both October babies, they threw a costume party. Now I am not sure if yall are aware, but plus size costumes are ridiculously expensive! Last year I lucked up and found a used Cleopatra costume on EBay for $15, but I wasn’t as lucky this year. When I started to look around at Party City, and other party stores I noticed a good costume could cost you anywhere from $40-$100! I refuse to pay that much for something I will only wear once, so I decided to DIY it! After looking through Pinterest my best friend Diandra, and I decided to go as Mickey and Nici from the 1997 movie B.A.P.S., and boy did our friends find it amusing.


The Costume

The first thing I did was re-watch the movie B.A.P.S. for some inspiration. I knew I wanted to recreated Mickey’s leopard print suit with the yellow trim. After searching the internet all day I couldn’t find one leopard print matching set. Luckily I remembered a few years back I bought this leopard suit from Target. I added some yellow duct tape to the end of the sleeves, and the lapels to make the outfit look similar to the one in the movie. After that the bulk of my costume was done and I moved on to accessories. In my opinion the accessories are what really sold the look! I went to my local hair supply store and bought a synthetic 30 inch drawstring ponytail to make my braid. I also ordered a pair of gold teeth on amazon to really bring the look to life. Now one thing about my bestie and I is that we LOVE to have a good time and we are extremely goofy which made the night even more fun! We stayed in character all night and everyone really loved it.

The Weekend

Once we arrived in Dallas Friday night we headed out to a bar for drinks to kick off the weekend. After driving 5 hours and finally arriving to Dallas around 11 I was so tired, but this weekend was all about celebrating so I knew I wouldn’t be getting much sleep. We literally ran around all day Saturday. Our first stop was Razoo’s to have lunch. I’m a huge fan of Cajun food, so I was on cloud nine. After that we headed to the store to pick up some more decorations and food for the nights festivities. After running all our errands we headed back to the house to set everything up and get in our costumes! The party was so much fun. A lot of the costumes were very funny and creative. At Midnight everyone gathered around Amery and Gerrica to sing Happy Birthday. After the singing and blowing out of candles it was time for the “big show”. Gerrica’s boyfriend, Chre’tien took the floor and surprised her by bringing in her Mom, Dad, and some more of her family. At that point I think she started to figure out what most of the attendees had known for a couple of weeks now. He then got on one knee and popped the question. Of course she cried and cried and cried before she said YEEEESSSSSS! After that the party kicked into high gear! The smiles got brighter, the music got louder, and the cups got fuller, LOL. The next day Gerrica’s family cooked a big family dinner for everyone before we got back on the road. I hated to leave, but I was so full from the weekend I couldn’t be sad. As we got back on the road I couldn’t help but to think of how blessed I am to have the friends I have. Happy Birthday again Amery and Gerrica, and Congrats to the newly engaged couple Chre’tien and Gerrica! Check out more pics from my AMAZING weekend below!



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