Tucking Away My Fears in Ruffles and Stripes

Hey Boo Hey! Normally I’m rather sluggish on Mondays, but today I have a little extra pep in my step! This is Homecoming week for my Alma Mater so I’ll be heading home Thursday to start a weekend long celebration of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. As I prepare for Homecoming I have to think back to the girl I was in college versus the woman I am now. When I started college in 2006 I was not the most confident person. I didn’t think I was ugly, but I also didn’t think I was beautiful. However, as the years rolled by, I started to find my confidence and by the time I graduated I had fallen in love with the young lady I saw in the mirror. I can truly say there is no better feeling than loving myself. There is no amount of weight I could have lost that would make me feel as good as finding my self confidence does. When my photographer sent me these pics I was shocked. I felt like I looked so beautiful, and that made me think back to the times when I didn’t feel so beautiful and confident.

First I want to give myself a round of applause for tucking my shirt in. Someone reading this might think that’s not a big deal, but for me it is. When I first saw this shirt on my blogger boo Ashley of Fab Ellis, I loved it, but I thought I could never pull it off. I felt like this button down ruffle blouse would look its best tucked in, and being that all my weight is in my midsection, tucking in a shirt is a no-no for me. I messaged Ashley and told her how adorable she looked and moved on. A few days later my boyfriend and I went in Target and there the shirt was staring back at me. A feeling of sadness instantly feel over me because I wanted the blouse so bad, but I felt like my body couldn’t pull off the look. I think my boyfriend was shocked to see me so shook by a blouse, and he felt bad for me. That’s the thing about confidence, its something you have to work on daily, and sometimes the smallest thing can cause you to question yourself. After much persuading by him, which ended in him putting it in the basket and paying for it, I walked out of the store with the blouse in my bag and doubt still lingering in my mind. A few weeks later I scheduled to take pics with my photographer Mike so I started preparing my looks. I tried on the shirt with some jeans, but I didn’t have the courage to tuck it in. However, when I got to the location to take the pics I made a rash decision to tuck in my shirt. I don’t know why I did , but I did. On my way home I kept thinking about it, but there was nothing I could do about it then. The damage was done, or so I thought. When I got the email that the photos were ready I took a deep breath, and then I opened it. I was floored. I felt like I looked AMAZING! I thought back to all the times I doubted my self and wondered how many great opportunities I’d missed out on because of fear. I hope this post will encourage someone to face their fear, whether its fashion, career, or whatever. You never know until you try, so try! I paired this look with leopard pumps to mix another print with the stripes, my suede bag, and a poppin red lip. I’ll be heading home on Thursday so be sure to follow along with my HBCU Homecoming adventures via all my social medias, especially Snapchat (ohsnap_itsfaith)!

Outfit Details: Blouse- Target(found here) Jeans-old (similar here ) Leopard Pumps-old (similar here) Suede Bag- Its Fashions (similar here)




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  2. Love this top! Target it LIFE!


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