Diary of a Clearance Rack Connoisseur: Boho Style


Hey Boo Hey! When most people see my closet they are shocked at the amount of clothes I own. My closet is stuffed to capacity and there is one main reason why… I mostly buy affordable pieces, which allows me to buy more. For some reason my mind will not let me spend a lot of money on clothes. I am what I like to call a clearance rack connoisseur . When I walk into a store I usually head to the sale racks first, and check out the new stuff later. Now don’t get me wrong, I will splurge here and there, but for the most part I won’t pay more that $30 for anything. One reason I refuse to spend a lot is because I have a bad habit of wearing stuff once or twice and never wearing it again. If you guys remember last year I did a Shop My Closet Challenge to help me overcome that issue, but I still battle with this. What’s the point of breaking the bank for an item I know I will only wear once? It just doesn’t make much sense.


I have a bad habit of shopping on my lunch break. Its a blessing and a curse that my job is close to a plethora of stores. This dress is one of the items I picked up on one of my lunch break runs. I wasn’t looking to actually buy anything when I saw this dress on the clearance rack in Ross, but when I saw the price tag I refused to leave it there. This dress was on the clearance rack and priced at $8.99! I would have to be half crazy not to buy it! I am a huge fan of bohemian, or boho style dresses. I love how flowy and free they are. The lace details on the sleeve, and the crochet across the chest are very appealing to the eye and adds to the femininity of the dress. I am also extremely obsessed with anything cold shoulder. I love how it allows you to show some skin, but not be to revealing. I paired the dress with a cognac bucket bag. I purchased this bag from Its Fashions. I found it in their clearance section for 9.99! I love that the strap is reversible, one side is a neon Aztec print, and the other side a more neutral color, so I can carry it during both summer and fall! I added my two strap sandals for comfort and style. This look is perfect for a summer day out and about with family and friends and I barely spent $50 on the entire look! I hope this post incline someone to check out the clearance racks more often!

Style Note: Neither Ross, nor Its Fashions offer online shopping so I couldn’t link the exact items on this post, but if you are near one of these stores be sure to check out their sale racks! I always find good deals at both!


10 Comments Add yours

  1. I love me some clearance rack. I have to check out Ross today!


    1. faithlasha says:

      They always have great deals!


  2. Vivian Sinya says:

    Great shots! Love your blog.


  3. Ashley says:

    Super cute! I shop the clearance rack often.


  4. Love this look, and I go to clearance first in any store!! Haha


    1. faithlasha says:

      Me too! Its my first stop!


  5. Joy says:

    I can’t get over The hair and how nice it looks on you!! Beautiful outfit to match!!


  6. Jeanne says:

    Yesss! Every girl needs a dress like this!


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