What I wore to TCFStyle Expo



As many of you know by now last week I had the pleasure of attending TCFStyle Expo in ATL. The hardest thing I had to do in preparation of the trip was figure out what I was going to wear for the two day shopping extravaganza. I can usually put together my outfits pretty quick, but this wasn’t your everyday event! I would be in a room filled with some of the most stylish plus size women I’d ever met, so I went to my go-to place for inspiration…Pinterest. While searching random phrase like, “chic summer outfit” and “Top 10 Outfits You Have to Wear This Summer”, I came across a super cute mixed print outfit. That’s when it hit me! I wanted to put together something completely off the wall and mix together two different prints. I then started searching mixed prints on Pinterest. The stars aligned and the Fashion Gawds lead me to this super dope picture of Beyonce. I was sold! I knew I had to recreate this look and put a plus sized twist on it!

The first step was finding the top. Plus size fashion has come a long way but certain things can still be really hard to find. I knew I was pushing my luck with this top. I try not to spend too much on individual pieces when I’m heading out of town because I like to purchase something new for everyday I’m there. Amazon usually has very affordable items so I headed there first. I saw a few versions of the top but they all came from overseas, and the sizes only went up to a 2x which made me kind of scared to try it. I then decided to try Aliexpress. Now anyone who has every ordered from them knows the sizing can be all jacked up, but I found this top for $12 so I decided to take a risk and thank the heavens it worked out! I ordered the top in a sixe 4x. It was still a little snug, but I was able to make it work. Once the top was secured I moved on to the skirt. The process of finding the skirt was a complete disaster! I found a designer on Etsy with the perfect fabric and messaged her about making me a skirt. She agreed to make it, and we discussed which day it would arrive to me. After everything was settled I paid her and moved on to finding shoes. Sounds quick and easy, right? Well 2 days before the skirt was supposed to be delivered and 5 days before I was supposed fly out I messaged her to make sure we were still on schedule. Y’all! Tell me why I received an auto reply that she was out of the country on vacation! My mouth hit the floor! I emailed her again, and she finally responded that she was out of the country, and forgot to tell me. I saw RED! I was ANGRY, but I didn’t have time to sulk or pout. I got my refund and moved on. I enlisted all of my friends to look for an African print skirt and one of them directed me to Grassfields. By the grace of God they had the perfect skirt, and they were having a sale! I will forever be indebted to them for their bomb selection, and 2 day shipping on all orders! I couldn’t decide on a shoe color so I chose to go with clear. The Lord must have known I was at my wits end due to the skirt fiasco, and he lead me to these shoes on Rainbowshops site for $12.50! After putting all the pieces of the puzzle together, I liked the outfit so much I felt like it was worth all the trouble I went through to get it! I paired the look with some red tassel earrings and my fav gold MK watch.

My Second Look

I was so busy getting my outfit together for day 1, I had little time to think about what I would wear for day2. I figured the day would be filled with shopping and I knew I wanted to be comfortable. My biggest fear was that I would have on something that someone else would have on so I wanted to think outside the normal plus size stores. Once again I was the hunt for the perfect look. After skimming Instagram and Pinterest (of course, lol) I found my way to one of my favorite bloggers profiles, Musings of a Curvy Lady. She had attended a wedding and wore this beautiful watercolor dress she got from Eshakti. I went to their site and they had a huge selection of dresses! I came across this striped halter dress and was immediately sold! It was perfect! I have an apple shape so I love dresses that fit at the smallest part of my waist and flare out. Y’all know I love white, and the coral and green stripes were very complimentary. After they applied all my coupons and discounts I got this dress for only $30! I paired it with my denim sandals and some large hoop earrings! When I saw this dress online I really liked it, but when it arrived and I tried it on, I fell madly in love! I knew the dress looked very nice, but I couldn’t believe how many compliments I got when I wore it! It was a huge hit with all the expo attendees! I will definitely be a repeat shopper at Eshakti.

FYI: I’ve received a ton of questions about my hair. I recently became a brand ambassador for Mane Attraction Hair Collections. I LOVE the hair, but I didn’t want to give out too much information until I wore it, and was able to do a full review on it. Stay tuned for my review next week!

Although it was a lot of work, I really enjoyed putting my looks together for the TCFStyle Expo. Comment below which look was your favorite!


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  1. you are gorgeous! I literally cannot wait to see The Lord’s plan for you and your blog! I’m rooting for you celebrity friend!


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