One Trendy Top Worn Three Ways!

Summer is in full effect, and the temperatures are rising! Hemlines are getting shorter and shoulders are being kissed by sun. The off the shoulder trend has taken over fashion, and for that fact, my closet! I have bought so many off the shoulder dresses and tops that’s its almost a shame! If they weren’t all so stinking cute I would feel bad, but I definitely do not, LOL! Lately I’ve been trying to think of ways to maximize my closet, and get more wear out of the pieces I’ve purchased. While I was in the store trying on this top I realized I could wear it a plethora of ways, and that’s what I’m going to show you Babes today! This is really helpful for those times when you are low on cash and can’t afford to buy something new. Fashion is more than just a cute outfit, its knowing how to be creative and put your own little flair on things! These 3 looks are all centered around this ivory off the shoulder top. My boyfriend teases me often about how frugal I am when shopping. Having style doesn’t mean you have to break the bank every time you go shopping. This entire look is from Citi Trends, and under $30 (for the top and bottom)! Check out the 3 different ways I wore this top below!

Conventional Cutie!

img_1008img_1007img_1009The first and most obvious way to wear this top is just how it is meant to be worn. I have it pulled off the shoulder just a little for a cute, yet not too revealing  look. This way I can wear the top to work, or even church. It doesn’t show too much skin, but just enough to keep you cool on these hot summer days!

Frills and Flair

img_1011img_1019img_1013This second look is one that you may not have thought about before. This way of wearing the top is my favorite out of the three. I actually figured it out on accident while in the dressing room! I was scared I was going to get makeup on the top so I pulled it up on my shoulder one side at a time. It was then that I realized I could wear it as a one shoulder ruffle top! If you’ve been shopping lately you know the one shoulder ruffle has become very popular.  Its both fun and flirty, and perfect for a day party or an outing with your girls!

Skin Is In

img_1135img_1016img_1015Lastly, Summer is the perfect time to show some skin so why not go strapless! This look was both easy, and fun! The ruffle layer gave me a little extra coverage which is was nice because I have a larger bust.   I know a lot of women with larger chest stray away from tube tops but the proper undergarments go a long way. With a good strapless bra you will have enough support to feel comfortable. I love this for a date night look! So the next time you step and don’t mind showing some skin give this option a try!

Yall I had so much fun with this post! Finding different ways to wear this one top really got my creative juices flowing! Comment below which way was your favorite, and also give me some ideas on other items I can style multiple ways!

Outfit Details: Off The Shoulder Top- Citi Trends (similar here ) Maxi Skirt-Citi Trends (similar here and here) Purse- Aldo (old)

Photography: Mikro Management


8 Comments Add yours

  1. I love how you remixed this top. I have one I’m going to have to switch up. Thanks!


    1. faithlasha says:

      It was so much fun to do! Thanks!


  2. Love how you switched it up! That skirt is gorgeous!!


    1. faithlasha says:

      Thanks so much!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ashley says:

    Can we talk about this skirt! SOOO FAB!


  4. Joy says:

    Love how you’ve styled the top! Versatile is a great way to go!!


  5. I loved all three looks! The last would have to serve as my favorite of them all! xoxo


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