My Experience Shopping VBXTarget

I know I’m late to the party, but today’s post is all about Target’s collaboration with Victoria Beckham. This is my first time blogging about one of Target’s amazing designer collaborations so I am kind of excited! I remember the buzz around the Phillip Lim collab and the Marimekko collab, but the only one I have previously participated in was the Lilly Pulitzer one. Boy oh Boy was that a headache! The site was hacked and certain merchandise was available before it should have been, the site also kept crashing due to high amounts of traffic, people were filling up their carts with merchandise only to sell it on EBay for triple the price…it was truly a shopping fiasco!  I sat at my computer from 2:00 am until after 5:00 am trying to get my hands on few of those dresses. I was finally able to get the three I wanted only to find out I got them all in the wrong size, and couldn’t even zip them. I’d never been so bummed in my entire and I swore off Target collabs from that day on. Well as you can tell from the name of this post that was a fib and just like many others I was sitting at my computer on April 9th waiting to get my hands on some of the Victoria Beckham pieces.


When the collaboration was first announced my number one concern was sizing. I’m always torn between the 18 or the 20, or the 2x or the 3x. I was super excited to learn that she would be the first designer to offer plus sizes in store. I was also happy to find out that one of my local Targets would have the plus size items! I was then faced with the decision of whether or not I wanted to buy items online just in case my store was sold out or didn’t have the items I wanted, or try my luck guessing which size to order online. I eventually decided to do both. The items I felt I had to have I got online and when the store opened that morning I was there to try on different sizes in hopes that I had made the right choice with my online purchases.

I read on a few sites that no one knew for sure what time the items would be available, but everyone was estimating it would be 2:00 am so I set my alarm for 1:50 am. I woke up and signed into my Target account to make my check out process easier. At 2:00 the items were available. I grabbed the two dress I was dying to have, which were the Marigold dress and the One shoulder Orange scallop dress, and checked out. By 2:10 am I was done and heading back to bed. At 8:00 am I was walking into my local Target to check out the in-store selection. I was surprised to see so many of the plus size items available in-store. There were not a lot of people in the store, in fact there was no one else plus sized present so I was able to grab everything I wanted and head to the dressing room without any hiccups. Luckily everything fit true to size. I could fit all the tops and dresses in a 2x, and bottoms in a 20 (except for the gingham capris, I had to try those on in a size 24 to get them to zip).

While waiting for the debut of the collection I got on a few times to look at all they had to offer and not one time did this skirt spark my interest. I was so caught up in the dresses that I didn’t even give this skirt a chance, until I saw it in the store. I walked past it a few times, then right before going into the dressing room I said, “I may as well try it”. Once I got it on I instantly fell in love. I did the same thing with the Calla Lily dress and the orange drop waist scallop trim dress. The funniest thing about this entire situation is that the two dress I had to have I didn’t like at all once I tried them on so I retuned them. I ended up going home with 3 items I never thought I would even like. That just goes to show you never know what will look good on you so you should give new styles a chance.

All in all I really enjoyed this shopping experience, and I am so glad Target does this. Its a win/win for me! It gives the average woman an opportunity to wear high end designers without having to break the bank, and it gives plus size women a chance to wear designers that do not normally offer plus sized pieces.  After this Victoria Beckham collaboration, I am excited to see which designer Target’s decides to do their Fall collaboration with.

Did you purchase any items from the Victoria Beckham collections? Which ones were your favorite? Be sure to visit your local store, and check out some of the remaining pieces on-line because they are all on sale now!

Outfit Detail: Bodysuit-Boohoo (sold out) | Skirt-Target (sold here) | Shoes-Local Boutique| Clutch-Its Fashions (sold out) |

Photography: Michael Johnson (MikroManagement)


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  1. I have been waiting to pick the perfect one from the collection and I think this one you are rocking might be it! Is it so perfect on you!

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    1. faithlasha says:

      Thanks so much! There are a lot of great pieces in the collection.


  2. These photos are amazing and that clutch is fab!

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  3. Girl this look is killing!

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  4. I meant Girl this look is killing it! lol

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    1. faithlasha says:

      LOL! You so silly! Thanks Boo!

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  5. Joy says:

    Pretty skirt!

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  6. Ashley says:

    Wow it’s good to hear how your experience was with the other Target collabs, I can’t imagine! But nevertheless you look great in that skirt! Perfect buy!


  7. Ashley says:

    Thanks to you I just ordered this skirt!

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    1. faithlasha says:

      You are going to love it! Tag me when you wear it!

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  8. Can’t get over how cute this is!


  9. LOL! Found myself here again to take in the gorgeousness of this look. You truly look like a million dollars. ❤


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