Chapter 29…

I must start this post off by thanking God for allowing me to see another year! On last Wednesday, March 1st, I turned 29! I feel extremely blessed, and I can’t believe I just entered the last year of my 20s! As I have gotten older I have come to cherish the things money can’t buy, like my health, happiness, and having good people around me, more than anything! If you know me you know I had a rough couple of years, and I am so glad to finally be in a place where I am truly finding my happy. This year my birthday fell on a weekday so I was forced to do that annoying thing called “adulting” and spend most of the day at work. However, I came home to balloons and birthday cake! I was also humbled to see how many people called, sent texts, and told me happy birthday via social media. I want to thank you all for the abundance of love shown to lil ol’ me.On top of the cake, balloons and dinner at my favorite restaurant, my incredible boyfriend surprised me with a photoshoot with the amazing Mikero Management! If you are in the Little Rock area check him out! I can definitely say I had an amazing welcoming to 29! I plan on celebrating the entire month of March so stay tuned to see what else I plan to share with you guys!


This white jumpsuit is the cat’s meow! When I saw it I was floored, but I was hesitant to buy it because I wasn’t sure how much wear I would get out of it. It seems like one of those pieces you wear once, and can’t wear again because it’s so memorable. Nonetheless, I loved it so much I couldn’t pass it up, so do not be surprised if you see me out in this IRL. I got a million compliments while taking my photos. Someone even asked if the photos were for my wedding, lol. Faith Fact: I love wearing white! I know people try to tell us that as plus sized women we should stay away from white, but I seriously can’t help it! I love how it looks against my skin color. For that reason, when I have a special event coming up I often lean towards wearing white. This jumpsuit is made of a thick scuba material, and has a lot of stretch. The double layer ruffle is absolutely stunning. Adding to the numerous wonderful details of this jumpsuit, it has pockets! It’s extremely comfortable and fits true to size. I love white and gold together so I paired the jumpsuit with gold accessories. I purchased this jumpsuit from a boutique in my hometown, Sugar Girls. You guys should definitely check her out because she has some amazing pieces. Again, I want to thank EVERYONE who sent their well wishes and love my way for my birthday. I want you all to know it was greatly appreciated!

Outfit Details: Ruffle Jumpsuit- Sugar Girls (website found here, IG @sugargirls800) Shoes- Its Fashions Metro (sold out) Accessories- Burlington’s

Photography By: MikeRo Management (IG @mikromgt)


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