A Casual Winter Weekend

You ever wake up Saturday morning with a long list of things to do? This week’s outfit is perfect for those casual winter weekends. If you are anything like me, after working a full 40 hour week, you like to spend your weekend catching up with friends and running errands. I typically like to wear something comfortable, yet stylish. I don’t like to spend a lot of time shuffling through my closet so I’ve come up with a go-to look for these cold winter weekends. I’ve never been a fan of wearing a coat. I can remember being a little girl and constantly getting in to trouble for coming home with my coat balled up in my backpack, LOL. Lucky for me, we haven’t had many days of extreme cold here in Arkansas, so I’ve been spending most of my winter in turtlenecks with cardigan or light jackets.

This outfit is a great mix of trendy and casual pieces. I started this look by first choosing a statement piece, which was the cardigan. I am so in love with this cardigan! Unfortunately, I can’t link this exact one because I purchased it last year from Rue21 plus, but I was able to find a similar one here and here . It has a really trendy tribal print, with flashes of gold metallic in the pattern. Since I wanted the focus to be on the cardigan I went with a simple all black base. This black turtleneck has been a staple piece for my winter wardrobe. I literally live in this thing! It keeps me warm and cute. What more could a girl ask for? I kept with black throughout by adding my black leggings and black boots. I added a belt to cinch my waist and to keep the black and gold color scheme in play. The great thing about weekend wear is that it takes minimal effort, but can still step out looking chic and stylish. What is your go to weekend look?




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  1. Looking great, girly!


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