Varsity Babe

Have you ever witnessed someone win something, and felt just as much pride and happiness as you would feel if you won yourself? I think that’s how all plus sized women felt when Ashley won season 14 of Project Runway. It was a victory for every girl that was told she could win or succeed, if only she dropped a few pounds. Ashley gave us all a boost of confidence when she won by unapologetically being herself. As if her winning the competition wasn’t enough, the cherry on top came when she announced she would be collaborating with JCPenny’s Boutique+! That meant not only would the everyday woman be given a chance to wear her designs, but they would also be affordable! That sounds like a win/win to me! Her capsule collection featured everything from cape blouses to bomber jackets, and most pieces go up to a size 5x! I’m talking stripes, sequins, fabrics adorned with little tubes of lipstick, everything! Thank you Ashley for this fun, stylish, and affordable plus size line!

I can still remember when I spotted this jacket in my local JCPenny. I snatched it off the rack as the lady beside me laughed at me for yelling out “OMG, its THEE jacket!” I knew I had to have this jacket when I saw Tess Holiday sporting it at the runway show for the launch of the line, and it was different from anything I had in my closet. I’m still not sure what I’m more smitten by… between the sequins sleeves, the rose gold buttons, and the playful pins I was sold on this jacket. Plus clothing designers who are plus sized themselves usually hit the nail on the head with sizing due to them knowing the struggle of dressing our larger frames, and Ashley definitely got it right. This jacket is true to size and fits very nicely. I went with my normal size, which is a 2x. I’ve had it in my closet for a while, and I’ve styled it in my head a hundred different ways, but this way was my favorite. This striped bodycon dress and varsity jacket combo is a match made in heaven. I originally wanted to wear it with a skater skirt and go with a more cheerleader-like look, but I tried cheerleading in 9th grade and it wasn’t my thing, so I went with a “bad girl” look by adding a dark lippie, an urban chic leather pom-pom hat and heeled combat boots.  The white stripe on the collar and sleeve, along with the rose gold buttons give a nice contrast to the black. I could go on and on about this jacket, but it honestly speaks for itself.

Ashley recently debuted a Holiday collection at JCPenny, and she did not disappoint! This line comes with fur, metallics, and more sequins! I’m already plotting on which pieces I need to end the year in style.You can check out her collection in your local JCPenny, or here online. Which pieces are your favorite?

Outfit Details: Varsity Jacket-JCPenny (sold here) Stripped Dress-Forever21 (sold out, similar here) Boots- Local shoe store (similar here) Leather hat-Forever21 (sold here)


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