Guess Who’s Coming for Thanksgiving 

Hey Babes! This year has flown by! Can you guys believe Thanksgiving is just days away!?! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! The whole day is spent with family and friends eating, watching football, and my favorite thing of all…SHOPPING! If you guys are anything like me, sometimes you have a hard time deciding on the perfect Thanksgiving outfit. No need to worry! This year my blogger boo Blair from NoteBlair and I have taken the liberty of helping you pick the perfect outfit. Whether you have plans to spend the day with your family and friends, or with your significant other and their family, we have you covered!

Lots of couples use the holiday season as a time to introduce their significant other to their family. This is one of the few times throughout the year you will have the opportunity to have a majority of your family in one location to introduce your companion to them. As a girl, that can be nerve-racking! It’s hard enough to have it all together on a regular day, but now I have the added stress of being introduced to a room full of people I don’t know, that just happen to include my beau’s mother, father, sister, and maybe even grandparents! In order to help you guys beat the holiday stress, I’m going to show you a great Holiday “meet the family” approved look!

 I’ve been with my boyfriend for 3 years now so I am so stranger to his family. Nonetheless, I still like to look nice when I am around them. The first thing I like to make sure of is that I am not showing too much skin! I am heavily endowed up top so I stay away from low cut, deep V style tops. No one’s mother wants to see you spilling out all over the dinner table. With this being a holiday that is spent indulging in a host of different foods and desserts,I prefer comfortable, stretchy bottoms. I am a sucker for bottoms that don’t require buttons, so this year I went with my favorite jeggings. I also added a chic shawl wrap to make this plain long sleeve shirt and jeggings look way more stylish than they actually are. LOL! This shawl will also help to cover any “growing” I do after my 2nd plate and a slice of pie (don’t judge me). I wore my peep toe booties I scored at Cato Fashions. Can you believe these babies were only 14.99! I accessorized with my MK chain link watch, and a red Betsey Johnson bag. This outfit can also carry you over to a holiday date night, if you don’t plan on ditching your Boo and heading out to the Black Friday Sales like I do.

 Although it is a big deal to meet the family, it’s really no different than meeting anyone else. Make sure you’re polite, friendly and respectful and I am sure everything will be fine! I hope everyone has a happy holiday filled with family, friends, food, lots of laughter…oh yea and Black Friday Sales! Be sure to head over to NoteBlair and check out her post on how to prepare for the holiday with your own family and friends!

 Outfit Details: Shawl Wrap- Its Fashions (similar here and here) l Long Sleeve Top- Its Fashions (similar here) l Jeggings- Fashion to figure (sold here) l Shoes- Cato Fashions (sold here)



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