Chasing Waterfalls

Don’t go chasing waterfalls, please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to…

 Like most girls growing up in the 90s, TLC was one of my favorite girl groups, but I’ve found a waterfall you should definitely be chasing…the waterfall duster! One of the main reasons for its popularity is its versatility. These dusters have been seen on everyone from your favorite fashion forward celeb to your best friend at Saturday brunch. This flowy trend is perfect for every body type. Fall is all about layering, and these dusters are perfect for that. They can be worn over a dress, with a tank and skinnies, or even with a crop top and midi skirt. The possibilities are endless! 

I purchased this olive duster a few weekends back on a visit to my hometown, and I am so glad I did! I snagged this baby for only $12.99! I wore it with a sexy, deep V cut bodysuit with choker detail, and my distressed skinnies from Charlotte Russe. I don’t have a perfect hour glass shape so I used this duster to hide any imperfections that would have been on display with this form fitting ensemble. This is probably the #1 reason for my obsession with dusters. Bodysuits are all the rage right now, but I always feel a little insecure when I put one on because I don’t have a small waist or flat tummy. Dusters give me the ability to wear a bodysuit without feeling uncomfortable. That’s the beauty of fashion; you can always tweek the trends to fit your body shape. Dusters are very on trend right now, so contrary to what TLC told us ladies do yourself a favor and go chase the waterfall!

Outfit DetailsDuster: Madrags (similar here) l Bodysuit: Boohoo (sold out; similar here ) l Jeans: Charlotte Russe (similar herel Shoe:Old (similar here )



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