Breaking All the Rules

Last weekend I spent some much needed time with my girlfriends, and we got on the topic of how we plan to raise our future daughters in today’s world. We all know kids can be mean, but girls…we are HARD on each other! I’ve been a big girl my whole life so my struggle was real. I had zero confidence, and spent too much time focused on the opinion of other people. As a young girl I spent so much time trying to fit in with the girls, and catch the attention of the boys that I lost sight of what was important, which was loving myself. Back then there were no plus sized influencers or body positive bloggers to show me exactly how I could be confident and feel beautiful regardless of my size. I spent years struggling with my confidence, but once I found it I felt unstoppable! I stopped letting other people decide how I dressed, and how I felt about my own body.

As a plus size woman I’m expected to follow all these fashion rules that society has put in place. However, as I’ve gotten more comfortable in my skin, I no longer feel the need to follow anyone’s rules but my own (hence the name of this post)! In this outfit I’m definitely breaking a lot of rules placed on by plus sized frame by others. I can remember a time when I would have walked right pass this outfit because a voice in my head would say “Now you know you’re too big to wear that”, but I no longer listen to that voice (and I haven’t in a while), so I guess it got the point and just stopped talking. I am an avid believer that women should be able to wear whatever they like as long as you make it work for your body in the most appealing way possible. My size 18/20 body is wearing stripes and a crop top, and I think I look pretty good doing so! I no longer let others dictate what I wear and you shouldn’t either! This set is from G-Stage Love. In my Plus Size Shopping post (found  here), I spoke about this online store. They are very affordable and they only charge $2.99 for shipping! I got this entire set for under $25(sold out, sorry)! I paired it with a black duster from Madrags (similar here), some comfy wedges from Just Fab.


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