I Think We’ve Got Something Special

As I’ve gotten older my wardrobe needs have changed quite a bit. In my college days my wardrobe consisted mostly of cute and casual clothing. However, in recent years I’ve had to expand my style to meet my needs. From social events for work to friends getting married, sometimes I find myself needing a special occasion dress. There is only one problem with that…I usually only wear them once then park them permanently in the back of my closet. I like to call them “one hit wonders”. Gwynnie Bee is perfect for fixing that problem. With them being a clothing rental subscription service, you can get a dress for that special occasion you have coming up, and send it back once you’re done, because we all know the key to building our wardrobe is purchasing versatile pieces. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem walking around in beautiful formal dress all the time, but I’m sure I would get a few confused glances while shopping in the mall. LOL

Can I use the word romantic to describe a dress? These colors and all over floral print exude romance and charm. There was no question on whether or not I was going to closet this dress when I saw it! It was a MUST HAVE! The only thing that upset me was that I didn’t get it in the mail until a week after I attended a wedding that it would have been perfect for (insert bummed emoji here)! City Chic basically took all things feminine, put them in a pot, and cooked up this beauty! It has a sweetheart neckline, deep pockets, and a defined waist that makes for a very flattering silhouette. Since I am well-endowed up top I normally stay away from strapless dresses, but there was no need to do that with this dress. The top of the dress has a rubber strip to keep it from sliding down, and the bodice is lightly boned, which gives it some structure, so I didn’t have to spend the evening asking someone to pull it up in the back because it rolled down again (I absolutely hate that). Out of all the perks I already named, I must add this origami style skirt! It’s so stylish and appealing to the eye. I paired this dress with a rose gold clutch and accessories, along with my nude pumps. I think this may be the perfect special occasion dress for summer!

 I think it is absolutely amazing that Gwynnie Bee offers a free 30 day trial. That gives you the option of trying it out without making the commitment. You all have heard my thoughts on the company, but the trial gives you a chance to form your own opinion. You can get your free trial here. As I wrap up my Gwynnie Bee trial I want to know what you guys think. Do you think I should stick with it? Comment below and let me know!


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  1. Kelicia says:

    So gorgeous! I love this! I want this!


  2. Alesha Bowman says:



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