The Must-Have Dress I Completely Forgot About

Hey Beauties! Its still early in the month and I’ve alrady learned a few things from this Shop My Closet Challenge. The first being I have some really cute clothes in my closet that I’ve never worn , and the second being I have fashion ADD! I have so many items in my closet I saw in a store and thought I had to have only to get home, hang them in my closet, and completely forget about them! For some reason or another my own closet can’t keep my attention. Hopefully this challenge will help me think of my closet as a first option, instead of a last.

While planning for a blog post last month, I realized I needed some new accessories. That following day I ran into Forever21 on my lunch break. Out of habit, I went straight pass the jewelry, and headed for their plus size department. Much to my surprise, they had a dress I’ve been crushing on online for quite some time. Needless to say I never made it to the jewelry department that day. LOL! I was so happy about finding the dress I headed straight to the register. Well fast forward a month and I still hadn’t worn the dress (or the outfit I needed new accessories for). While preparing for my 2nd post for the Shop My Closet Challenge I came across it and I knew it was time for the dress to make a debut.

This sheer maxi dress is a showstopper! While taking photos for this post I was stopped a few times and asked where this dress was from, and complimented on how nice the I looked wearing it. It has a sweet, yet sexy vibe. The floral design is feminine and sweet, and the front split and sheer material is sexy and allows you to show some skin without being overbearing. The colors in this dress are gorgeous. Please note that this dress is sheer and does not come with any undergarment. I wore a black, sleeveless bodysuit under mine.The dress was super easy to style and the elastic waist makes it flattering on all body types. I strapped up a pair super sexy heels and walked out the house feeling like a million bucks in a dress that was under $30! Unfortunately, this dress is currently sold out. Forever 21 could possibly restock it because it is said to be coming soon on the website. If you are lucky enough to find this dress in store grab it, and run to the register…. just don’t forget about it once you make it home!


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