The All Inclusive Option

Seriously, who doesn’t love a good jumpsuit?

How many times have you had an event coming up, but can’t find the right blouse to wear with your new skirt. Whether it’s because of the color or the fit, it is not always easy to put together an outfit. Buying a jumpsuit is often a quick solution to a fashion problem, because it’s one and done. I like to think of them as fashion’s all-inclusive vacation; you pay one price, and get everything you need. They make life so easy and are an effortless option. I especially look for a jumpsuit when I’m running low on cash, and need something to wear. It’s often times more affordable to buy 1 jumpsuit versus having to buy a top and bottom.

I found this jumpsuit on an impromptu visit to a local shopping center. I love those rare moments when you walk into a store, and something on the rack screams your name. That’s exactly what happened between this jumpsuit and I. I knew it was coming home with me at first sight .It has everything I look for in summer pieces. The colors are amazing! They are so bright and vibrant. The loose fit is also something I love. Jumpsuits can be tricky for plus size women. I like to size up to keep them from gathering in the seat when I’m walking. The loose fitting bottom also allows me the option of wearing thigh shaping Spanx without the print being visible. Although this particular jumpsuit is not sold online, be sure to check your local Rainbow for it or check out their other options here.


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