Stepford Style

In 2004 when the adaptation of the 1972 film The Stepford Wives came out I wasn’t as interested in the plot, as I was the wives wardrobe. Yes, I know most of the women were robots, but seriously, were they not the best dressed robots you’d ever seen? Although I couldn’t see myself being a housewife, their impeccable hair and makeup along with their pristine wardrobe was something to envy.

I guess that’s why I grabbed this skirt (sold out, similiar here and here) as soon as I saw it. I paired it with a ¾ sleeve button down shirt and simple nude pumps. I added a statement necklace and some white stud earrings to complete the look. This circle midi with its floral print and bright colors just screamed Stepford Wife to me. I wore this ensemble a few weekends ago, and received so many compliments. Circle skirts are so fun and girly! They are easy to dress up or down and flattering to every shape. It highlights the smallest part of the waist, which is definitely a boost to a curvy girls confidence! The only thing I’m missing is a nice apron or a pair of lace gloves to wear to an afternoon tea. Although I love their style,I’ve listed 3 reasons why I could NEVER be a Stepford Wife.

  1. I can’t wear dresses and have perfect hair everyday. I love to look “all put together” as much as the next girl, but lets be real…that can’t happen everyday. Somedays I don’t want to comb my hair or apply makeup. I’d rather put on a pair of sweat pants, and hang out on the couch catching reruns of Girlfriends or binge watching Orange is the New Black.
  2. I cant cook (that well). Contrary to popular belief, all plus size girls are not the next Rachel Ray! Dont get me wrong, I can cook well enough to survive and I’m pretty good at following recipes, but I doubt I’ll invite you over for dinner and prepare something you’d normally see on Food Network. Thats just not going to happen.
  3. I CANNOT wait on a man hand and foot. Listen, I can sing Destiny’s Child Cater To You all day, and still come home and ask my boyfriend what’s for dinner. I will cook and clean most of the time, but the problem comes in when men think its something only women can do, and expect to not lift a finger. I work  40 hours a week as well, can we not split some of these household chores? It is 2016 you know!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you guys enjoyed this. Remember, Stay Cute, Stay Curvy, and Stay Confident! XOXO


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Myrtle Withers says:

    So proud of you. Living your dream. Keep up the good work. I believe your future will be bright.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. faithlasha says:

      Thanks so much! That means a lot!


  2. Adrienne says:

    Good job Faith Ann


    1. faithlasha says:

      Thanks Hatch!


  3. Kelicia says:

    Looking good niece!!!!


    1. faithlasha says:

      Thank you Auntie! LOL


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