Plus Size Shopping 101

Two posts in one week… I may be getting the hang of this blogging thing!

Hey Beauties, I’m back with some very important info for you today! The one question I get all the time is “Where do you shop?”, and the answer is quite simple… EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE! As a plus size girl, sometimes you have to make lemonade out of lemons when it comes to fashion, especially when you want more than some brands are offering women of the curvier persuasion! I can actually pin point the exact moment I knew I wanted to stop fading into the background, and be as stylish as smaller girls.

Back in college, students would frequently visit a local bar on Thursday nights. Understand me when I say this place would be PACKED! If you ever wanted to run into someone you saw on campus, this was definitely the place to find them! Men and women alike would dress to impress.The summer before school started, I purchased what I thought was the cutest turquoise surplice shirt (stay tuned for a later post that will define styles of clothing).When I bought it, I knew exactly where I would be wearing it! Fast forward a few months, and school was back in session from summer break and it was the first Thursday night of my sophomore year. As everyone started pulling out their best outfits, I proudly pulled out my surplice shirt and straight leg jeans. After a few hours of primping (and fluffing, as my friends like to say), we were ready to head out. To my surprise, I looked around and my feelings were CRUSHED. I was surrounded by smaller girls in some of the cutest dresses, skirts, and tops (that were noticeably cuter than mine) I had ever seen!  I wanted to cry and run back into my dorm room. After that, I knew I wanted more from fashion! I wanted it to love me as much as I loved it! I decided I didn’t care if I had to search high and low…I would find cuter clothes for my plus size frame!

Luckily, times have changed tremendously and most stores now carry plus size departments. The departments may not be as large as the ones for straight sizes, but it is definitely better than nothing. Below you will find a list of some of my favorite places to shop! I hope this list can be beneficial to you, and if you know somewhere a curvy girl can get her fashion fix, feel free to leave to a comment and let me know!

Forever 21-This was the first store I knew to carry cute plus size clothing! I was pleasantly surprised that i could go in-store, or shop online and find anything in their plus size department from tank tops to formal dresses! They have some of the most affordable, yet trendy plus size clothes available. In recent years, they have even added swimwear to their repertoire! I usually check their site once a day for new arrivals.

It’s Fashion-Now if you know me, you know probably half of my wardrobe comes from It’s Fashion! I literally live in this store. Some people write off store like It’s Fashion or Rainbow because of stereotype’s of them being “ghetto” or “cheap”, but I am here to tell you,  it is all about how you rock it! On my first post, I informed you that my style is budget friendly, and It’s Fashion protects my coins, and keeps me cute at the same time! One thing I really like about them is that most of the pieces sold in straight sizes are also offered in plus sizes! Their price point is usually no higher than $40.99. I have deemed them my one-stop shop. I can find an outfit, shoes, bag, and accessories all within their four walls. Factor in their prices, and I’d say you can’t beat that! Unfortunately, they do not offer online shopping at this time.

Fashion to Figure– I started shopping at Fashion to Figure within the last two years, and let me tell you they do not disappoint! My favorite thing about them is their selection of dresses! They offer some of the cutest plus size dresses I’ve seen to date. Rather you’re looking for work clothes, something for date night, or an outfit for cocktails with the girls, they have you covered!

Charlotte Russe– I was more excited about their plus size offering than any other stores’! They recently began retailing plus size in March 2015. Charlotte Russe is  definitely playing catch up to other brands like Forever 21 that jumped in to the plus size business a few years earlier, but they are already making quite a name for themselves. Unfortunately, all stores do not offer plus size, but it is available online. The sales they have are AMAZING, so be sure to sign up for their email notifications!

G Stage Love– This is another sight that I check every day. As we have all noticed, Instagram Boutiques are taking over! This is where I go when I see something on IG and think it is overpriced. G-Stage sells all the same stuff for often times a lower price! Their sizes range from 1x -3x. I’ve seen dresses online at certain boutiques for $40, and G-Stage will have them for $29.99. The only downside to them is that most of their items sell out very quickly!

This is just a FEW of my favorite places . As I continue making posts, you will learn I literally shop everywhere!  Remember…Stay Cute, Stay Curvy, Stay Confident! XOXO.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Taja says:

    Loved it keep it going love you are a natural


  2. Tanya says:

    Hey Faith! Are G Stage Love’s clothing of good quality?


    1. faithlasha says:

      Hey! The pieces that I have purchased from them are holding up nicely. However,I always keep in mind that you get what you pay for.


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